PV-protect石材环保防护剂之水性石材(全效)防护剂 PV401

产品描述 Product Description


The product is a water-based && eco-friendly product. It includes low proportion of volatile organic compound. Efficiently, It can permeate into stone without altering its color and appearance. This kind protectant has excellent breath-ability, superior abrasion resistance and high durability which are totally different from common protectant in essence. Its major active composition is authenticated by US FDA. After solidified, it’s non-toxic and will never do harm to human health.



All kinds of stone

主要成分:Major composition


solvent nano-silicon compounds based on PV-photocalalyst



Appearance  Transparent water-based liquid


Density     1.01


Reference Amount  10-30 m2/L


Anti-stain Ability


Waterproof Ability


Weather Resistance Ability

产品包装 Package


Product Package : 5L/bucket    20L/bucket


Sample Package: 250ml/bottle

施工方法:Operation Method

1.  施工前,尽量保持石材的干燥和清洁,并使施工场所处于良好的通风。

2.  将防护剂用喷雾器喷涂或毛刷直接刷涂于石材表面。涂刷过程中,横竖涂刷,避免遗漏,多次涂刷效果更佳。每公升防护剂可处理石材10-30平方米(具体视石材吸收率及表面情况而定)。对吸收率特大的石材可进行再次涂刷,但前提必须在待石材表面完全干燥后进行。

3.  本产品的防水效果在6小时后开始显现,自然养护5天后防护效果达到最佳。

4.  本产品也可在低温环境下使用,但须延长养护期。

5.  产品采用密封包装,储存期为2年。

6.  施工完1小时可装箱。

1.  Before operation starts, the surface of stone must be kept dry and clean. The site must be in good ventilation

2.  Use vaporization to spray on the stone surface or brush on it directly. During its brushing process, move the brush from right to left ,top to bottom to avoid missing somewhere, the effect must be better if stone is brushed several times. Every liter of protectant can deal with stone surface 10 to 30 square meters. (The accurate usage amount depends on the absorptivity and condition of stone surface) As for stone surface with specially high absorptivity, brush it again in condition that the stone surface is completely dried after first process.

3.  The waterproof performance appears after 6 hours. The protective effect will be perfect after five-day natural maintenance.

4.  The product can be used under low-temperature environment but there is a need to extend the maintenance period.

5.  Apply sealed package. Have 2-year storage life.

6.  The stone can be encased after the operation finishes for 1 hour.


1.  本产品开封后,不使用时应立即将桶盖拧紧,减少挥发。

2.  注意在施工过程要防止过分暴晒,否则将影响产品的整体效果,阻碍防护剂渗透。

3.  水泥湿贴施工时,建议使用油性产品。

4.  建议对不熟悉的石材可试先做个试验,并让其反应24小时

5.  禁止明火

6.  放置儿童不可触及处。

7.  不放置于高酸环境中,禁止与任何苛刻化学品接触及清洗。

1.  After It's opened , wrench the lid tightly when it isn't in use to reduce volatilization.

2.  Avoid overexposure during its operating process, otherwise, it will affect the overall effect of product.

3.  Advise to adopt oil-based product during wet-paste concrete construction.

4.  As for unfamiliar stone, propose to make a sample test in advance. 24 hours at least for reaction.

5.  No open flames

6.  Be kept out of the reach of children.

7.  Don't put it in high-alkali circumstance. Forbid to touch any kind of harsh chemicals or be washed by it.


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